We understand how complex it can be to manage multi-brand, multi-location and multi-language delivery to tight deadlines.

TOOSAN Digital Delivery Optimisation (TOOSAN DDO) is a structured framework following best practice principles from campaign conception through to production and asset optimisation. We understand how the marketeer needs to engage their agency or digital production partner, creating channel strategies and setting realistic KPI’s against the campaign, project and the asset.

We re-shape your delivery process, not only focusing on the end digital asset, but to enable you to measure the success of your projects, your production partners or agencies and your assets. We look into and refine your campaign and can work with you to roll-out focused team Personal Development Plans based on campaign, project and asset success.

The TOOSAN DDO has been created from 40 years of experience in delivering change to renowned brands. Both the Managing Directors of TOOSAN come from a background in digital and data delivery, having worked at every level to deliver highly complex digital multi-location solutions.

We have taken many years of experience in delivering digital outcomes and created the TOOSAN DDO.

define metrics, KPIs and complete the KPI tree

  • data consolidation

    • single customer view
    • user journey, product interactions
    • single platform, access controls
  • self serve BI, analytics

    • data governance & ownership
    • super user training and adoption
    • data quality management
    • content standards / peer review
  • data sandpit, hypothesis testing and modelling

    • test & learn environment
    • data lab to formulate and test hypothesis
    • hypothesis generate models
    • models define business rules for automation
  • refine campaigns, change assets define new assets, products & features

    • campaign definition through ROI analysis of asset / campaign performance
    • asset and product requirements, design and delivery driven by analysis and metrics